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See You This Saturday!

Posted by Sable Aradia on August 30, 2013 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (0)


9 a.m.-11 a.m. Vendor and Organizer Setup

11 a.m. Opening ceremony: Voodoo "Opening the Ways" Ritual

11:30 a.m. What is Pagan Pride? Local Coordinators Anari Houston & Diane Morrison

11:45 a.m. Live music with Chris Madsen

12:30 p.m. The Life & Practice of a Solitary Witch: Clara Munro

1 p.m. Metaphysics (Channeled Presentation): Nenari Diamondlady

2 p.m. Live music with Sable or Tanya Lipscomb

2:45 p.m. Introduction to the Tarot Workshop: Erin McRoy

3:15 p.m. Live music with Tanya Lipscomb or Sable OR:

                  Chaos Magick: Miriam Itza Cunha

4 p.m. 7 Modalities Workshop: Suki Fox "Roving Repatterner"

4:45 p.m. Chaos Magick: Miriam Itza Cunha OR early start to Harvest Ritual

5:15 p.m. Star Sapphire Wiccan Harvest Ritual

6 p.m. Event closes

The chaos is because Tanya Lipscomb (Kiki the Eco Elf) said she would try to make it but might not be able to because she had birthday parties to do that day and she wasn't sure when she would be free. If she shows up around 2 pm, she will take the 2 pm slot. If she doesn't, Sable will. If she doesn't show up until 3ish, she will take the 3:15 slot and the talk on Chaos Magick will be after Suki Fox's workshop; and if she doesn't show up at all, the Chaos Magick talk will happen at quarter after three and we'll just move up the schedule for the ritual.  It will be a little chaotic but there will be lots to do, see and learn.  Come join us!  And don't forget your donation for the food bank!

Blessed be,

Diane Morrison (Co-Coordinator)

Okanagan Pagan Pride 2013

Posted by Sable Aradia on April 17, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello everyone!  We have decided to proceed with Pagan Pride 2013!  We are calling for volunteers, workshop leaders, musical performers, fundraising gurus, vendors, and more!  Now is the time to get on board and get involved!  Our target date will be Saturday, August 30th, 2013, and our location will be Cenotaph Park (as in previous years) Vernon, BC.  For more information or to volunteer, check out our "Contact Us" page or get a hold of me on Facebook.  Blessed be!

Diane Morrison (Sable Aradia)

Local Coordinator, Okanagan PPD

Okanagan Pagan Pride 2012 Cancelled

Posted by Sable Aradia on July 30, 2012 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Sorry folks, but I am required to cancel Pagan Pride this year.  With half of the community doing other things, I don't believe there is sufficient community support to do the event.  We're still intending on an event in 2013 so now is the time to get on board, make suggestions and plan events!  Thanks for your support.

Blessed be,


Witches's Ball 2011 Cancelled

Posted by Sable Aradia on October 11, 2011 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Please note that this year's Witches' Ball has been cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to reintroduce the event next year!  Ticket refunds, for those who have purchased one, are available at The Threads That Bind Us.

Blessed be,


Witches' Ball 2011

Posted by Sable Aradia on August 18, 2011 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Preparations for our 2nd Annual Witches' Ball are underway!


The Witches' Ball is a fundraiser for Okanagan Pagan Pride.  We dress up in costumes or our Witchy or Pagan best and gather to dance and celebrate near Samhain to Witchy and Pagan music.  A Samhain ritual is the last event of the evening and all are welcome.  There is a concession and door prizes, as well as some Witchy and Pagan items for sale if so desired.


This year, the Witches' Ball will be on Friday, October 28th, at the Halina Centre in Vernon.  Doors open at 7 pm; dance starts at 8 pm.  Tickets are $15 each and are available at The Threads That Bind Us in Vernon, BC.  More tickets will be made available at other metaphysical stores in the Valley and updates will be posted to let you know where.  Last year, Dare to Dream in Kelowna and Mystic Dreams in Kamloops supported us, and we hope for their support again!  Tickets are $20 at the door.


This year we have a bigger budget and will be renting better audio equipment to improve our sound quality.  Our site is better and considerably less out of the way; you can find it right downtown at the Vernon Rec Centre.  Just Google for directions!


We will also be having a food drive for the Vernon Food Bank; please bring a food donation.


Come on out and celebrate Samhain in a colourful way and support Okanagan Pagan Pride!


Blessed be,

Sable Aradia

Local Coordinator

Report on Okanagan Pagan Pride Day 2011

Posted by Sable Aradia on August 18, 2011 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Okanagan Pagan Pride Day 2011 was a fun and successful event.  Many diverse groups came out to participate and celebrate our Paganism together.  A theme of "coming together in our diversity" and a high community spirit prevailed.  We had one protestor, our first ever, who brought a sign to assure us that "Jesus died for our sins."  I guess our media coverage must be improving!


And it certainly was excellent this year.  Our press release was posted in Kelowna Capital News and the Vernon Morning Star.  Capital News interviewed me over the phone a few days before the event, and the Morning Star sent out a photographer.  I understand our announcements also made the local radio and the cable channel, which is great!  We even had excellent coverage in the Pagan media world; naturally I covered the event and recorded parts of the music and the drumming for the Pagan Pathfinders Podcast, and Mhaoil Lain of the Northern Tribes blog in Edmonton came out to cover the event as well!  Many thanks to him; check out the excellent video he made below:


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The Four Winds Shamanic Society performed the opening ritual for our event in the Incan tradition, honouring and welcoming the Four Directions, the ancestors, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  We waited a little before getting all the events underway because of Pagan standard time arrivals, and I did a little speech on some of the major Pagan traditions in the Valley which I titled "Which Witch is Which?"  Myranda O'Byrne and Andrea Hess of the Women's Ritual Group in Winfield spoke a little on Women's Spirituality and their group, which meets on the Full Moons and is open to any woman in the Valley with an interest in Goddess worship and Women's Spirituality.  They also announced plans to bring T. Thorn Coyle, Pagan speaker and author in the Feri tradition, to Kelowna for a weekend retreat!  Since I had promised my support, I announced immediately that my shop would be doing a psychic fair to help raise money for the event so that costs would be kept down.  We hope to keep things under $200 for the weekend, and accomodation or boarding with local Pagans is available, so I do hope that people from other places will consider coming out!


We broke for lunch and people shopped with our vendors:  thanks to Shannon Breadner for her lovely art, Myranda O'Byrne for her wonderful music, Wendy Chambers of WenchWorks for her lovely beaded and Goddess art and jewellery, and Victoria Willard, Lois Gueret and Michelle Petruk for doing psychic and Tarot readings.  My shop, The Threads That Bind Us, was there as well.  This year I chose to double my booth as the information table, where I handed out info about T. Thorn Coyle, a basic description of the Pagan Pride Project, Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism, flyers about stuff we do at the shop and my classes in Wiccan magick, and so forth.


After lunch, Chris Madsen starting things off with his spiritual music.  We had a spontaneous singer who offered "Blue Okanagan," a song that was a big hit in the 1940s which I had never heard.  We were supposed to have a guest speaker, Mike Hamm, on the Elder Futhark Runes, but he didn't show, so we went right into more musical entertainment by the Triskele Celtic Band, a favorite from last year.  Then Erin and I, representing the Okanagan's chapter of the Congregationalist Wiccan Association of BC, the Okanagan Temple of Mirth & Reverence, spoke on how real magick actually works, and then Myranda led us in a wonderful workshop to teach us a few of the Dances of Universal Peace, which are earth-centered spiritual dances that draw from the spiritual traditions of many different faiths and cultures, including modern Paganism.  After that, we did some chanting and drumming, mostly led by Andrea Hess so that we were prepared for some of the chants we would be doing in the upcoming ritual.


The last event of the evening was a Mistletoe Rite in the Druid tradition, performed by Andrea Hess and Tad Seymour, recently elected ADF Regional Druid of Western Canada, of the Hartwood ADF Protogrove.  A Mistletoe Rite is about healing and drawing the community together, traditionally performed on the sixth day of the New Moon, which just happened to be perfect timing with our chosen Pagan Pride Day (August 6th, 2011).  It was a moving and healing ritual, and all left with good feelings in our hearts. You can see parts of the ritual in the video above.


All in all, we probably had about 100 people wander in and out over the course of the day, with many local Pagans putting in at least a brief appearance to show their support.  I am sorry to say, however, that our charitable efforts were not as successful; we only raised about 25 pounds of food for the Vernon Food Bank and $20 for Run for the Cure.  Perhaps we are not advertising them sufficiently and need to push that a little harder next year.


But we left feeling drawn together as a community, excited about T. Thorn Coyle and about the possibility of hosting the Canadian National Pagan Conference in Kelowna in 2013, a project that the whole community seems prepared to unite on!  And that is truly exciting!


Thank you to the CWABC for sponsoring the event, and thanks to all who came out, participated and shared!  See you next year, or perhaps at the Witches Ball in October!


Blessed be,

Sable Aradia

Local Coordinator

Okanagan Pagan Pride 2011 in Other Blogs

Posted by Sable Aradia on August 10, 2011 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Thanks very much to Mhaoil Lain of Northern Tribes for his excellent blog and video on Okanagan Pagan Pride Day 2011!  You can read his blog here, or you can watch the video below. Thanks for coming out all the way from Edmonton to see us and cover the event!

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Blessed be,


Thanks for the Witches' Ball!

Posted by Sable Aradia on November 3, 2010 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (0)



Thanks to everyone who attended and assisted with our 1st Annual Witches' Ball!


The Witches' Ball is a dance and a fundraiser for Pagan Pride Okanagan. It will happen every year on the closest Saturday to Samhain (Halloween) as we can get!


This year was our first, and events and attractions included a concession of home-baked Samhain sweets (Honeyduke's), a small table of Witchy items to purchase (Diagon Alley,) dancing to Witchy and Halloween music, a Costume Contest which included general costumes and Best Pagan Bling, door prizes, and our Samhain ritual. Everyone seemed to have a fabulous time and we will most certainly be doing it again next year!


We have already booked the Halina Centre (a bigger venue) for Saturday, October 28, 2011. Mark it on your calendars now! And if you'd like to come from out of town, please ask us about billeting.


For photos from the 2010 Witches' Ball, please check out our Photos page!

I would like to extend thank yous:


The Congregationalist Wiccan Association of BC, Okanagan Temple of Mirth & Reverence(organizers and contributors, Diagon Alley)


The Threads That Bind Us (event sponsors, ticket sales, door prize donations)


Dare to Dream (ticket sales, door prize donations)


Mystic Dreams (ticket sales, door prize donations)


Shambhala & Rapunzels (door prize donations)


KISS FM & the Vernon Morning Star (promotions, contests & media coverage)


The amazing and intrepid Witches' Ball Staff: Michelle & Wayne Petruk (baking like mad, Honeyduke's, decorations & clean-up, promotion, ritual) Shanna Woolsey & Jake Tulak (sound technicians, decorations, clean-up, ritual) Blake Wolf, Gareth Casey & Steve Curiston (security, admissions, draws, decorations, clean-up) Brenda Curiston (decorations, music, clean-up) Erin McRoy (go-boy, ritual, host, clean-up,) and Roxy, Dayle and Wendy (ritual, clean-up).


Thanks so much to all who contributed and we will see you again next year!


Blessed be,

Sable, Pagan Pride Local Coordinator

1st Annual Witches' Ball!

Posted by Sable Aradia on September 29, 2010 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (0)

We invite you to join us for our first annual Witches' Ball!


On Samhain (Halloween) Night, we will be dancing to dark gothic and Witchy music, enjoying Halloween treats, and celebrating with a Wiccan Samhain ritual! We'll have a costume contest, Tarot and/or Psychic readers, door prizes, and a 50/50 draw. Wear your Witchy, Pagan, Fairy, or Gothic best!


Tickets will be $15; $20 at the door. You can get tickets by calling or coming to The Threads That Bind Us in Vernon, (250) 540-0341. We are also hoping to make tickets available at Dare to Dream in Kelowna and Mystic Dreams in Kamloops, and the Cherryville Artisan's Shop (but this is unconfirmed as yet.) All profits will go directly to Pagan Pride Okanagan!

For more information or for tickets, contact Sable at The Threads That Bind Us.  To purchase a ticket electronically, email us at the Contact Us page, and send a $15 donation via PayPal at our Donate page.  Your ticket will be waiting for you at the door, with a code phrase that we will send you via email.


Sponsored by the Congregationalist Wiccan Association of BC North Okanagan Temple and The Threads That Bind Us.


Hope to see you there!

Thank You Okanagan!

Posted by Sable Aradia on August 25, 2010 at 12:11 PM Comments comments (0)

OUr fifth Okanagan Pagan Pride Day was a rousing success! I would like to thank the people who made it work.


First, thank you to our speakers; Victoria Willard, Tad Seymour, and Nenari Diamond, and thank you to Erin McRoy and Michelle Petruk for helping me address the gathering on Wicca.

Second, thank you to our performers; the Judd Family for their entertaining play, Triskele Celtic Band for their talented music, and Cythia Van Savage for speaking on her local charity, The Clyde Fund, as well as regaling us with song.


Third, thank you to our psychics and metaphysical practitioners; Victoria Willard, Lois, Nenari, Erin McRoy, and Michelle Petruk for offering their services for the event.


Fourth, thank you to our vendors; Fyre Mountain Farms (funky felt hats and crystals,) Shannon Breadner (original paintings,) Triskele Celtic Band (CDs of their music,) Shambhala (fair trade imports and exotic clothing,) WenchWorks (original Goddess art and jewelry,) Naturally Sensuous (natural soap and aromatherapy products) and the staff at The Threads That Bind Us (metaphysical and Pagan items) for running the booth for me!


Fifth, thank you to Parks and Recreation and the Royal Canadian Legion for allowing us to use the beautiful space that is known as Cenotaph Park for our event.


Sixth, thank you to The Morning Star for covering our event and making sure that people knew about it.


Seventh, thank you to the individual people who made it work; Michelle Petruk for doing all kinds of "girl Friday" work, such as bringing the large performing tent, doing photocopies, and so forth; Steve Curiston for covering my store so that I could do my thing; Kailey for running errands and helping to watch my booth; Liza Judd for providing electronic equipment and extension cords; Erin McRoy and Myranda O'Byrne for helping me with the ritual; and Natasha of Shambhala and the kind people at Topper's Cleaners and Kodo Clothing for providing power when Parks and Recreation failed to do so!


Last, but certainly not least, thank you to the about 150 people who joined us over the course of the day! Together, not only did we have a great time, we furthered tolerance and understanding, and we also raised about 50 pounds of food for the Vernon Food Bank and $105 for the Run for the Cure.


I am honoured to have had the opportunity to be part of such a good thing. We'll see you next year!


Blessed be,

Diane Morrison "Sable"

Local Coordinator, Okanagan Valley Pagan Pride


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